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Is there a way to pass automation variables to my template's print context with no data mapper?

My data is arriving via HTTP as a JSON payload, so I’m extracting it and saving it into a job variable for use by the Create Print Content step in Workflow. Prior to the content creation, the end user wants Workflow to call an API and retrieve the URL of an image. Can I pass in this value to my template’s print context (not web) using a job variable or do I need to add this value to the JSON directly?

If need be, the end user can provide the data as XML, so if the best solution is to create a datamapper to make the dynamic image information easier to pass into the template please let me know. We are still hashing out the best approach to do this.


Workflow variables are automatically passed to Web contexts, but not to Print contexts (yet!). Until this feature is implemented, I recommend you use the Extradata field that’s available in all data records and detail tables to store information that can be used by your Print context. You can store whatever value you want in there, including elaborate JSON objects.