Issue: DataBaseAssistant SQL Connection decline


we have a problem with opening a connection to the ibm as/400 database, when creating a database mapping.

It worked on monday (we saw our tables and the content), and then since yesterday we always gets an error, that the connection could not be established.

Within a script, the all works fine, that means, the connectionstring should be correct.

What can we do, because it is a little bit urgent.

The jt400.jar should also be correct.

Many thanks for answers.

Well a “Connection failed” message could be caused by a number of things, including changes to a firewall or to access credentials. Your IT should be able to determine what has changed since Monday.

That being said, if your problem is urgent, then this forum is not the proper place to ask questions: you should open a Support Ticket so our experts can take a look at the issue with you.

We had a TeamViewer session with the german support this morning, but the error could not be localized.