Issue printing A5/A6 document via Windows driver

I created an DIN A6 document in Planet Press Design (
The workflow prints this document via the “Print using a Windows driver” plugin. (Driver: Ricoh PCL6 Universal Printer driver)

When I try to print the document I get the following error.
“Page “$PowdercheckPage” is not of a supported page size by the printer driver”

The printer has a tray set to DIN A6 paper and when I save the document as a PDF and then print it from the PDF viewer it is working.

I assume the issue is the size of the PDF document.
The values I set for the document are the following.

But when I open the created file in a PDF viewer I get those values.

So can it be that the printer driver does not understand that this is a DIN A6 document because of the small difference in size?
What is causing the system to create a slightly larger document?


Instead of using a custom page size, have you tried using a Ricoh PPD that includes the A6 format by default?

Sorry, I just now noticed that you answered.

I don´t really know what you are referring to.
I only used the paper setting in the designer to create documents till now.
No one showed me that there is another way to do this.

Go into Documents > Properties and select the PPD that best matches your device (you can also obtain the exact PPD from your Ricoh dealer).

Once you’ve selected a specific PPD, the list of paper sizes available is automatically adjusted: