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Issue with Create Print Content Plugin

Hi Everyone,

Facing the following error while executing ‘Create Print Content’. The data mapper step is executed fine. Any help will be appreciated please. Let me know for any other input.

W3001 : Error while executing plugin: HTTP/1.1 500 LoggedApplicationException: There was an error running the content creation process caused by ApplicationException: File not found: section-815142d2-5887-4a04-9737-fe2d13670e94.html (LAY000101)

I have seen this error before. It was due to the length of the Template name. Can you try renaming your Template to something smaller and let me know if the problem goes away?

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You are a star!!! :hugs:
It worked, thank you.

Should that occur to anyone else, know that there is a limitation to the maximum file path length in Windows.

Know that it can also be modified by a user on their workstation. Although I would recommend asking your IT people about it first.

Of course, shortening the length of the Template name is the simpler way to go.

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Please note that even though the MAX_PATH limitation can now be removed, it is a bad practice to do so because 99% of the software out there, including Connect, expect and assume the traditional limit. At best, it just won’t work as you would expect. At worst, it will be crashing unexpectedly.

This explains why one has to go through hoops to get it enabled and why the software’s manifest has to explicitly indicate its support for it.


That’s good to know, thanks.