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JavaScript for Swiss QR Code


has anyone already implemented a Swiss QR code in Connect Designer?
I would be very grateful for an appropriate JavaScript code template.


Hi Thomas,

Which version of OL Connect are you running? Swiss QR code was added to OL Connect Designer 2022.1 (at least to the template editor).


Hi Erik,

I use the latest Connect version (2022.1.5) and there is also the barcode type available. Is it sufficient if I include the data fields in the script editor in order and specify \r\n as suffix (per row)?
Of course I have to go into advanced mode to correct the automatically set double backslashes… but not more than that?

I found a sample swiss code on the internet and scanned it with BCTester. The result looked a bit different than it comes in Connect, so I thought it must be coded something special.

Hi Thomas,

I have implemented the Swiss QR code at a customer.
The data needed for the QR code was deliverd by the customer.
In the data the customer already added
into the data to reproduce the enters in the data, but that is not compatible for the QR code.
After some help from google i use the following script in the datamapper to replace all
with the ASCII code:

replace (/

This did the trick, and i received confirmation that the bank has accepted the QR code.

Hi Dennis,

thank you very much. That means I really don’t have to do anything more than enter the data fields and correct the control character for carriage return. :slight_smile: