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Javascript in Javascript folder not executing for masterpage



I have a javascript in the JavaScripts folder that I use to create the barcodes for shipping labels as the built in barcode creator is not creating barcodes with scan grades good enough to get approved by shipping companies.

The script updates an svg tag “placeholder” with the barcode as a svg image using the data for the svg as the content of the barcode. (https://lindell.me/JsBarcode/)

It is working fine if the svg tag is in the code for the section but not if it is in the code for the master page. Seems like the script is not running for the master page. Is that correct and can I do anything about it?

If there is nothing that can be done about it, does anybody have a suggestion on how I could solve my problem by having the svg as part of the section instead? What I need is to create the barcode as part of a shipping label. There may be one or more shipping labels (each with a unique barcode) in the document. There is one shipping label per page. The shipping label takes up the first 1/3 of the page. Under it is a details table with the invoice lines.

Below is a sample of the first page of the document.

I am on the latest version of OL Connect.



Got info from support that scripts in JavScripts folder doesn’t execute for master pages.