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Job Creation error

Hey guys,

Hope everybody`s well.

Did someone encountered this error?
Everytime time I`m trying to load Create Job plugin I get this, followed by catastrophic failure warning.

Here is also my log
Crash Dump - C:\Users\ol\Desktop\TEST\TEST_SCENARIO.OL-workflow - PReS Workflow Configuration - Exception occurred on 2021/02/11 18:24:32
PReS Workflow Version 2019.2.0.61547

Error message: Exception EAccessViolation in module ActionCreateJob.dll at 000DCA71.
Access violation at address 083BDA71 in module ‘ActionCreateJob.dll’. Read of address 00000000.

ExceptAddr: 083BDA71
hInstance: 00400000
VirtAddress: 07FBCA71

Line: 0

Call Stack:
[083BDA71]{ActionCreateJob.dll} DllUnregisterServer + $D99B5
[40005C67]{rtl60.bpl } System.@HandleAnyException + $33


Close your Workflow Configuration tool (you might have to kill it).
Double-click on its icon to open while holding down the CTRL keyboard key, until the software has completely open.
If that doesn’t fix it, open a technical support ticket.

@hamelj thanks for replying.

I have already did this procedure without success. I’m noticing that each job creation I make in designer and send to workflow gives me the same error…

Could there be a version mismatch between Designer and Workflow?

There might be some corruption in the installation. You can open the Workflow setup from Add or remove programs and perform a Repair operation.

@fortiny i’ve performed a repair. Same errors …