Job Report Plug-in

Hello everybody,

I’ve recently updated Ol Connect Workflow to the latest version we’re entitled, which is 2023.2.0.6120. While testing in debug mode, I’m getting this error

[0006] Error while executing plugin: {“error”:{“status”:500,“message”:“There was an error initiating to the output creation process caused by ApplicationException: JavaScript error on line 48:
[JavaPackage java.nio.charset.Charset.forName] is not a function, it is object. (TypeError) (SRV000041)”,“parameter”:""}}.

I do have to mention, I had the chance to test the beta version of this plugin some time ago and in the documentation file it was specified the following:

2020.2 NOTE - due to new security restriction, the plugin requires in the allowed file (see|_____1)

It seems is asking update allowed file with a different library, which I can get it right. For now I have:

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello @fsh22,

Please take the following into account:

Note: For this plugin to work, the following lines:

need to be added to the file: C:\Program Files\Objectif Lune\OL Connect\Plugins\com.objectiflune.weaver.engine_\runtime\lib\scripting\allowed

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