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JSON data: index errors


I have a JSON file which is being imported directly into Designer as a sample data file but when I try to map any field from nested tables in this, it maps each table with “indexN” instead of the actual index as an integer.

For example, it is mapping my JSON field (when dragged and dropped) as:


This results in a failure because (presumably) it should be:


Please advise.



Can you provide an anonymized data sample?

Anonymized data privately shared.



We will work on it and report our findings.

Thank you very much.

I can confirm there is an issue with any nested field you drag and drop on the page. By nested, I mean more than 2 levels deep.

We tried to see if we could squeeze a fix into the upcoming release of Version 2020.2 but it is unfortunately too late in the release process to add something of that magnitude (let’s just say that after looking at it from all angles, there definitely isn’t a quick solution to the issue).

So for now you will have to keep editing your scripts by hand whenever the issue occurs, and we will schedule a fix for the 2021.1 release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

For reference, our internal ticket number is SHARED-79130.


Thanks for this. No worries about missing the upcoming release - I’m just pleased that it isn’t me going mad!

Thoroughly appreciate the attention this has been given.