[Known issue] Editor Options causes error in latest version

Yesterday I upgraded our environment to the latest Connect version and I noticed an issue when I go to the editor options in the Script Editor. I get the error on 2 different systems that I updated separately. I did not do an upgrade and removed everything from the system before doing the installation.

Class TTreeView not found.


First thing to do is to try repairing the installation, since it looks like one of the modules was not registered properly.

In the Windows Search option, type and then select Add or remove programs, then in the Search apps field, type Workflow. On the OL Connect Workflow line, click on the ... option and select Modify. Specify the language for the installation, then click Repair Application.

Follow the instructions until the procedure completes. If asked to reboot the system, do so. If the problem persists, open a Support ticket.

Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately the repair did not work.
To be honest I did not think it would as I did a completely new install before and I would expect these kind of issues to occur when upgrading because of some version mismatch or something and also since I have the same issue on 2 separate systems where I did a new install on both so I expected this to be on a single system.
I will log a ticket for this.

[Internal reference: #1430001]

I’ve seen this occur on several installs many of them being clean installs

@Marten & @dvdmeer : how was this resolved for your initial post?

As this is a bug in the system and will be resolved in the next version the only way for now to work around it is to set the setting(s) that I want through the registry editor. Marten helped me with this.

I suspect that many people will not have the issue as it probably only/mostly occurs on new installs. So the software probably expects something to be available which is not there on new installs.

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@Phil, thank you for bringing this to attention.

As @dvdmeer also pointed out: This known issue does occur in version 2023.2 and will be fixed in the next release*. We were able to work around the issue by applying the required settings on registry level.

*Reference: Known Issues - OL Connect Workflow 2023.2 Help (search for “Tools: Editor Options”)