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Landscape section, but print in portrait

I found this question: Work with landscape sections in Designer but print them in portrait

My problem is similar, but I have 5 print sections, all portrait but one, and all of them need to be printed portrait, including landscape one.
Using imposition in output preset applies to all sections, so I can’t choose which one needs to be rotated, and which not? There is no conditional rotation?

Is there other way to achieve printing all as portrait?

Yes, there is another way to achieve this. I assume that the output generate by OL Connect is PDF output, is that right? If so, then you may consider to execute a Run Script Workflow plugin (Language: VBScript) after the OL Connect Workflow plugin(s) and apply the VBScript code, as shared via the forum post ‘Detail Table positioning - OL Learn (link)’, to this Run Script Workflow plugin.

No, unfortunately my output is AFP.

Input file is XML, there are 5 print contexts, and one of them is landscape (containing detailed table).
Rotating pages on AFP can not be done?