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Legacy PPS Design Tool - optional purchase

Would be nice if there was a “Legacy PPS Design Tool” option even if there was a fee to purchase it. With settings that do not conflict with Connect and can send PP7 forms directly to Connect Workflow. So we can install it after Connect is already installed and for customer who insist on using the PPS Design Tool and want everything on the same system.

Hi @UomoDelGhiaccio,

Can you please share an example of such a setting? I am asking you this question because I assume that this information will help us by investigating your Feedback & Feature Request.

My understanding is that The PPS v7 Design tool can coexist with PPC as long as the PPS v7 Design tool is installed prior to PPC. I’ve been told that this is because there are settings during the installation of the PPS v7 Design tool that would overwrite the PPC settings. Presumably these would be PC Workflow settings. I don’t know of anything specific, just that I’ve been told that there are.

The notion of a Legacy Design tool would to remove this restriction of when it is installed. Would also allow compiling/sending PPS forms directly to PPC workflow. Not much of a code change, perhaps some branding, path changes and separate installer.

Yes, PPS7 should be installed first because it registers libraries/COM objects with the same ID as OL Connect Workflow. Installing Connect Workflow after PPS7 therefore ensures the most recent libraries/COM objects are being used.

We have been considering for a while providing an updated PP7 Designer that would work with Connect. Your active request on this forum will help boost the priority of the project.