Limit of image size for printing with postscript


in our old invoice printing system there are several problems with printing bigger images.
To resolve that we had to reduce the number of invoices in the billing run (i hope that is the correct expression).

In the tests with PlanetPress we had no problems, with the images, but the publicity department wants to know if there is a limit in the image size for a printing process (postscript output).

Short description of the process:
we get a spool from a AS/400 which can includes one or more invoices (the maximum i had in tests was 90).
The process runs through datamapping, content creation from templates and then the creation of a postscript output file, one for each printer (we have 2 different printers).
The postscript-output is then send to the printer with the copy command.

Thank you for your answers.


I know not of any Postscript image file size limit.

However, this is a topic that cannot be fully answered here as it touches a lot of environmental components. Said components can go from cache size, printer limitations, etc…

I suggest you open a technical support call at 1-866-348-5863 or through our website. A technician will be able to answer you based on your current setup.