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Limitations on number of templates


Is there a maximum number of forms recommended in PPC?
Will a large number of forms affect performance?


There is no practical limit to the number of forms, nor should it impact performance at run time. The only possible performance hit would be when launching the Configuration tool, which scans the Documents folder in order to populate the Resources Treeview, but unless you have several thousands of forms, it should not have a significant impact.


There will be an estimated 6500+ templates


I know I am out of subject here but I doubt that all of these Templates will be completely different.

May I suggest (and you might have already did it or thought about it) to consider remote snippets as a working tool?

I am already using this and it saves me considerable time when it comes to changes that affects many Template sharing similarities.


These are various government forms, so they want them to be independent. I’m still proposing that they merge multiple forms into each template.