Line Mode Data in PReS


We have several jobs which are line mode data where there are multiple pages per document, but we don’t just output as flat line mode but create a data structure. So currently we treat each page as a separate record, but this makes reporting etc very messy as we have to process each page as a separate record and add white text to the page for account number for example and output to PDF then read back in as a PDF and set the boundary as when the code changes.

Is there a guide or can anyone point me in the right direction on how we can create a structure something more like:


I can see how I could create the data structure possibly but it’s very messy and I then have no idea how I would control the pages, ie make a print context repeat based on how many records were in the pages array so was wondering if anyone has any tips

Can you share anonymized data so we can understand more clearly what the issue is?

Yeah I’ll try and create some shortly


Please find sample attached. This file has 2 letters in, a 1 page letter followed by a 2 page letter

Sample File.txt (8.6 KB)

I made it work with the attached Datamapper. Le me know if it works with your “real” data.

TextBoudaryScript.OL-datamapper (5.2 KB)


Sorry only just got to look at this but when I open the mapper it says invalid config file?

What version of connect you use?

we are using pres connect 2021.2

TextBoudaryScript_v2021.2.OL-datamapper (5.4 KB)

there you go

Thanks I’ll have a look now