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List of all TCP/IP ports

I have found on the forum people asking about different ports that need to be open, but is there a complete list of all the required port and what part they are for?

Like I say I have found some, but a complete list would be good as I have clients asking for this info.


Let’s see:

Port # Type _Module_:Description
_5863/5864_ TCP+UDP _Messenger_: used for inter-module communication
_9340_ TCP _Server_: used for Connect REST API
__8080__ TCP _HTTPServer_: default listening port for HTTP Server
443 TCP _HTTPServer_: default listening port for HTTPS Server
110 TCP _Mail Input_: default POP3 port
__25__ TCP _Mail Output_: default SMTP port
515 TCP _LPR/LPD_: default LPR/LPD port
__9100__ TCP _Telnet_: default telnet port
__21__ TCP _FTP Input/Output_: default FTP port
- Port numbers in __bold__ type are user configurable. - Port numbers in _italics underlined_ type are always open whereas the others are only open if the respective module is used - Some of the ports listed above may also be used by other modules and some user-configurable modules may use other ports entirely, depending on the settings defined by the end user (e.g. the HTTP Client Input task)

I think that’s about it. If anyone realizes I am missing any, let me know and I’ll add them to this table.

That’s Great!

Thanks Phil

Switched the Port 9340 to non-configurable because there is no native way to actually change that value across the system for now. Sorry for the confusion.