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List of DocumentIDs for all documents in repository

Is there any way for Workflow to get a list of DocumentID’s for all documents currently in the repository?
I’d like to be able to query a database for all existing doc IDs and see if the document is still needed in the repository. If not, I’d delete the document.

What documents do you mean? Capture OnTheGo forms? Or Connect documents used by Workflow?
For COTG documents, you only need to log in to your account on the server and view the list of current documents: https://config-us.captureonthego.com/documents.aspx

Hi Phil,
I’m referring to COTG documents. I know I can view the list of current documents if I login on the server, but I have a process in Workflow that needs access to a list document ID’s of every document currently in the repository.

Essentially I would like to use a Workflow process to automatically delete COTG documents from the repository as needed, but I need a way for workflow to know which documents are currently on the repository.

Everytime you upload a COTG Template to the COTG server, an ID is returned by the Plugin. Store those ID in the Workflow Data Repository and you will have a list of all COTG Form ID currently on the COTG server.

Then it is only a matter of maintaining the Data Repository.