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Lock Form after submit


There is a way to lock all the field of a form once the customer sign-off and submitted? I want to prevent that the driver make changes to the form after customer signed.



The best way to do this is to delete the form from the device’s library upon successful transmission of the data. To achieve this, make sure your Workflow process that handles the submitted data returns status code 291 OK.


How can change the response code inside the workflow?


In both the the HTTP Server Input and the NodeJS Server Input tasks, there is an option to specify a Custom HTTP response code. That value is dynamic, so if for instance your process needs to return one of several different values, you can store that value in a JobInfo or a local variable and specify that variable in the Input’s response code field.


And when I set it to 291, it just removes the form from the tablet?

Edit: tested this out, works like a charm, that is a sweet undocumented function!


You should use the standard messaging format (Number + Message):
291 OK