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Log Roller for verbose logs

It would be nice if there was an option to use a log roller function that would spawn a new log after it reaches a specific the size. The logs at some sites can grow quite large and can become difficult to open in a text editor or to transfer for support.

For example once the ppw20171215.log reaches or exceeds 10mb (OL Tech Support size limit) it rolls off the log as ppw20171215_01.log and writes all the new entries to a new document named ppw20171215.log. The ppw20171215.log would always contain the latest entries, but otherwise they would go in order.


At the end of the day the ppw20171215.log could be renamed as ppw20171215_05.log to make the history easier

You can actually zip a log file which makes it considerably smaller when you need to send it to tech support.

Yes I normally do compress the log file if it gets close to the 10 mb upload limit to tech support. I’ve also have run into the situation where the zipped log file has vastly exceeded 10 mb. The other issue is when the logs get extremely large, text editors can have difficulties opening up the log file.

I understand the difficulties splitting the log file when it’s opened. Perhaps if a check is made whenever the configuration is stopped and started it will help to mitigate the situation. It will not help when everything is going well, but usually we only view the logs when there are issues anyway.

Will escalate your request to R&D. In the mean time, may I suggest Notepad++ 64 bits edition to open very large log files? It is free and works well.

Just check in our system and that option has already been suggested.