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Looking fro a PDF

I am using a PDF as a data source and i want to determine the first page of each record in the data file. it can be a variable count. So far the unique item that is on the first page of a record is a Data Matrix barcode. Is there a way to search/find/recognize a barcode image in that PDf data file? Its easy to look for a charactor/string on a page but notr an image.

You also could look for something that is not there on the 1st page.
But to answer your question, I do not know of any way to look for an image.


Wouldn’t the “Barcode Scan” plugin solve this?

Not a bad idea @GB1
@Zossamer, you could split your incoming PDF into multiple PDF, using the Metadata Sequencer plugin based on the metadata generated by the Barcode Scan plugin.