Map pdf to xml file

Is there a way to use a pdf file in Designer and map it to an xml file?

Yes, you extract your value as you want them in your Datamapper and in Workflow, in the plugin Execute Data Mapping, set the field Output Type to XML.

You can have more info on this here

wow I will try. thks

In designer, New PDF/VT, Metadata record level is empty. Why ? What should I do ? I have look in help but I don’t really understand,


Do you need to put value in your metadata?
Do you need the metadata?


I have a pdf invoice. I need to choose fields: date, invoice number, parts, qty, unit price…and output it in xml


But what you are showing to me is an XML file…
Do you mean your input data is an XML file which then calls a PDF and you wan to extract some of the PDF values into your original XML?


@nabel1510: your PDF/VT is segmented per recipient, which is what your data mapping configuration should use as its record boundaries. So that means that for each new “recipient” in the PDF/VT, the DataMapper will create a record.

Then, extract the text from the PDF/VT just like you would for any standard PDF (here’s a sample: BasicInvoice.OL-datamapper (125.7 KB) ).

Once you have created it, send the configuration to Workflow. Then, in Workflow, create a process with an Execute data mapping task that calls your data mapping configuration, and make sure to specify that the output is set to XML:


My input is a pdf and I want to put the data in an xml file

Then my first answer is what you need and unless you explain otherwise you do not need the metadata.

In the Datamapper, you extract the data from the PDF into your Datamodel
Then you send you Data Mapping to Workflow and in Workflow you setup your process (please check @Phil last comment).

You do not need to involve a Template if your goal is to extract PDF data into a XML file.

Phil thks it works. I was using all-in-one plugin instead of datamapper plugin