Mapping PDF without the blank page

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I got a pdf that Im mapping using word of “Page of 1” as the boundary. But the PDF also has blank pages in them is there a way to remove the blank page once Im ready to apply it to the template?

Im setting the background as datamapper input. I can omit any blank page at the last page. But it doesnt work when the blank page is in between first and last page.

Hope that make sense.

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In your Datamapper, you could try to search for any text in a region of your pages where your know there is always text.

When you find none, you know you are on a blank page and you can skip that page by using a Action step with its Action Type set to Skip to next record.

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Thank you so much! Appreciate it.

Hi jchamel,

I actually tried this. This doesnt seem to work and when I run it on workflow. I can still see the blank page. My datamapper looks like this. First I extract the region, then in the steps I checked for “Field3” if its empty, I add an action “Skip next record”. But this doesnt do anything by the looks… Am I missing something?

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You need to check the condition before you extract anything… Otherwise, the record has already been created by the extraction task.

Wow I did not know that! Thanks Phil, I will give that a go.


For anyone else looking for additional information, this is what the online help states about skipping to the next record:

If fields of the current record were already extracted prior to encountering the Action step, then those fields are stored as usual, but the rest of the data is skipped.

If no fields were extracted prior to encountering the Action step, then no trace of the current record is saved in the database at run time.