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Merge two Dyanmic Tables

How can i merge two dynamic table like this ? when i create a two dynamic table it has space on the middle of T1 and T2. i want to merge the two table so in template it look like one table only

i want to remove this space

Hi @ggan,

If you create a table with the dynamic table wizard and pick one of the predefined styles, the table will have a bottom margin of 1em.

Right-click anywhere inside the top table, select “Table”, and go to the “Spacing” tab. Set the bottom margin to zero and click OK. That should get rid of the space between the tables.

You may find that the tables are now separated by a thick border of two pixels. You can turn that into a one-pixel border as follows. Right-click anywhere inside the bottom table, select “Table”, and go to the “Spacing” tab. Set the top margin to “-1px” (negative one pixel) and click OK.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @Sander

Thank you! it works!