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MetaData Fix for PP7

I’m currently calculating the MetaData as follows:

=GetMeta(‘SelectedPageCount(0)’, 1, ‘Job Group’)

What I really need is to subtract 1 and then divide by 2 from the above.

Conceptually something like this: But it doesn’t work.

=((GetMeta(‘SelectedPageCount(0)’, 1, ‘Job Group’)-1)/2)

I need PlanetPress Talk Code or whatever other solution you have so that the file correctly calculates the metadata by Subtracting 1 and the dividing by 2. Example: the original code stated 903 pages and my revised metadata would 451.

I’ve tried many different iterations. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I’m open to whatever we can do to solve this.


You can use like this way.

=inttostr((strtoint(GetMeta(‘SelectedPageCount[0]’, 1, ‘Job.Group’))-1)/2)