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Microsoft 365 Email Input


I am trying to set up a Workflow that uses the Microsoft 365 Email plugin. My customer is unsure what is needed to be set up in Azure AD and how that is done.

I have sent them the link to the Workflow Users Guide where it discusses the plugin. Is there any documentation I can send them on what and how to set up the application in Azure AD?



Here’s an internal article I wrote to explain the feature in more detail. This should get your customer’s IT department rolling: Microsoft 365 Input and Output.pdf (507.5 KB)

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Thanks @Phil!

This is exactly what the customer was looking for.

Hi @Phil,

I was working with the customer trying to get Azure configured for the Office 365 Plugin using the documentation you gave me. He is wondering if the application needs Read permissions for all mailboxes in their Tenant or is there a way to only give permissions to the mailbox for the 1 user account we are trying read mail from?



The task requires access to all mailboxes since it is designed to be able to pull emails dynamically from different accounts. We are planning on implementing an option that would allow the plugin to work with a single account as well, but that will not be available before the Fall release of Connect, at the earliest.