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Microsoft 365 Onedrive Output folders

Hi there,

I’m trying to get files to go into a onedrive folder in our Organisations 365 account but I need them to go into a channel.

So I’m trying to access


What is the expect folder path that the plugin in Workflow expects to get there?

I can get files into Onedrive but they are going into the Username/My Files/ folder instead of the orgs shared folders.

Is this possible with this plugin?

I tried sites/JOBS/Shared%20Documents/Data%20In/TEST000 but this just creates a sites/JOBS/… folder structure under My Files.

I’ve tried looking at the Microsoft Graph API docs but I can’t work out how these folder paths are being handled by the connect plugin.

Or are only going to be under the user Id in the output plugin?



Hi Michael,

The “My Files” root path I believe is based on what is configured on your side. Any path you configure in the plugin will add to whatever root is defined as you configured the access. Also I’m not certain in the plugin if you need to escape the space character or if you can simply put a space character in the field.

Hi Jouberto,

I’ve done a little more digging around what I’m trying to do is capture & save files to the company public folders in 365 not into a specific users private files.

We have a specific user account that Connect runs under and it is this user that will be connecting to OneDrive within Connect but the files need to go into the public folders so the are accessible to the whole organisation.

Is this possible with this plugin? Or would this be more of a future 365 SharePoint plugin feature?