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Mixed Portrait and Landscape Pages


I have a PDF input job where pages can be mixed landscape and portrait and each record is multiple. I need to extract info from all pages for validation purposes and I can’t rotate the pages before the mapper as I can’t then extract the info from the page.

I have looked at using a control script to select a print section but this appears to be record based rather than page based so I can’t use that I don’t think.

Any ideas?


Hi @jbeal84

Do you need to extract the information on every page? And what if you rotated all pages that are landscape in the direction of where you are able to extract that info on all pages, will that work?


Yeah I need to extract from multiple pages and it’s in a slightly different position in each page so need to extract multiple lines. but can’t do that when text is extracted that vertical

Trying to mix and match landscape and portait is a bit complicated with PDF files. But it’s a bit hard not knowing how the structure of the PDF. Do you have a sample PDF that you can share maybe we can work find something that closely meet what you want?

Sorry it’s got live customer data in so I can’t post on here. I’ve managed to get it done by adding an extra step to read in as it comes in and then write out an index file. SO I can then rotate the PDF pages and match with the index file. A very convoluted way of having to work but I’m getting used to it recently