Moving to Azure

Customer wants to move their existing VM that’s running Connect to MS Azure.
It sounds to me like that’s going to cause some problems…but I don’t know what. Does anyone know what might break as a result of that? (I know licensing will break)

Had a customer who moved their PP servers to Azure.
Only problem was that they only paid from 06.00-24.00 - not 24 hours a day for the Azure service.

Microsoft then moved the servers during the 6 hours shut down time, and every time the servers then started up again, the hardware id changed and PP serial needed to be reset.

Then customer ended up with a high expense on Azure, cause they now needed it running 24/7.

If you pay for Azure 24/7 no problem, but if not Azure is not an option yet.

That’s good to know. Appreciate the heads up Klaus!

The issue where the magic number may change when running on Azure (and AWS, for that matter), has been fixed in Connect 2020.2. :slight_smile: