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Multipart Get and Post HTTP requests in Workflow

I am designing a process in Workflow and one of the requirements is to connect to a restful api to GET both the http request file and the associated text data file. The http request file will contain information about the client as well as the name of the text data file which should also be downloaded as part of the multipart http request.

The text data file will then be directed to the correct process depending on the client. From there, we create PDFs with all in one and a control ascii file, then zip both the PDFs and ascii files and send the zip back to the restful api via a POST http request.

What I am not clear about is how to achieve the multipart GET http request in Workflow.

I have not seen how to achieve this with the http server input or nodejs server input plugins.

It’s my first time doing this so apologies if it doesn’t sound very clear or that I am asking an obvious question to an obvious answer.

I would be greatful if anyone could point me in the right direction or provide a basic example.

Many thanks.