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Multiple bills in one envelope


How would I set this up in PresConnect designer, consider this data:

1|chris|jane st|89
1|chris d|jane st|45
2|vince |smith st|35
2|vince h|smith st|49
2|vince harries|smith st|63

Imagine this is a water bill.
They have been group due to having same exact address. Each row correspond to one water bill. This data means I have 2 envelopes. Chris has 2 bills and Vince has 3.

In addition I need to be able to put page numbers and also having barcodes in them, so the document need to know about its own. Like how many bills the recipient has etc.

Lastly once its set up, when outputting , Pres connect would need to split the pdf to based on how many page numbers. For eg: 1-3 pages goes to its separate file, then 4-6, last would be 7+.

Would appreciate any input as Im learning how to use the tool.

Thank you.