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Multiple Email contexts

I have 3 email contexts and I select it in Control script based on the data below

var emailTemplate = record.fields.WEmailTemplate;
let sections = [].slice.call(merge.template.contexts.HTML_EMAIL.sections);

// turn on sections that match the list
sections.forEach(function(section) {
if (emailTemplate == section.name) {
merge.template.contexts.HTML_EMAIL.sections[section.name].enabled = true;
} else {
merge.template.contexts.HTML_EMAIL.sections[section.name].enabled = false;

In Designer, I was able to send test email only from the first template (set as Default) but the rest are not successful. Do I missed something on this control script?

Hi Rommiei,

script is ok, functional in design, workflow does not support it, sorry to say so but this is a known issue within OL (reported october 28 2019), possible fix in release 2020.1.

sorry to inform you.

This functionality is indeed available in the upcoming 2020.1 release.