Multiple spaces in a variable has removed on designer side


I can see the multiple spaces in my datamapper variables but in designer side these mutiples space was removed:

Example : Date : 6/22/2018 is deplayed like : Date : 6/22/2018

Any idea ?

Hi dhaize93,

That is how Connect works. It removes the spaces by default. If you want to keep all spaces then switch off Trim - Both on that field in the data mappers Step Properties. Then in the designer select the field on your template, right click and select Text. In the Text Formatting window change the Whitespace from Normal to Pre. That will keep your spaces.

EDIT: I see it has been added to the sites How-To’s section.




This could be due to the Trim set to Both sides for the data field in Field Definition.

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Many thanks. This information helps me.

In my case, i don’t need to set trim to off.


Glad I could help.