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Neopost (Quadient) 600iq 2D Datamatrix Barcode

Though I would post this as it may be helpful to someone else down the line.

I wanted to generate the string needed to control our inserter with the following options:

N of M - Sheet 1 of 2 sheets in the set

Wrap around sequence starts at 000 and counts up by one up for each sheet upto 999 then resets back to 000

4 variable selective feeds

1 conveyer pulse – for a tray break

So I end up with a code like the below:

11 (sheet 1 of a 1 sheet set)

000 (sheet 1)

0000 (no inserts from 4 variable selective feeds)

1 (conveyer pule, tray break)


The full code in the add additional content is:


Condition is


Module size is 1.5pt

${document.metadata.insert2} is created in the document tag from a java field in data mapper:

Code in data mapper just change the bits in bold to your field names

data.extract(’ sel1 ‘,0)+data.extract(’ sel2 ‘,0)+data.extract(’ sel3 ‘,0)+data.extract(’ sel4 ',0);

For reasons unknown to me I can’t seem to replace blanks in the variable selective feeds so the raw data needs to have 0000 if you don’t want to use them or the barcode will be too short.


Is just pulled from the data but also added to the document tag and this is did mange to replace blanks with 0’s used this code in data mapper, post function


This code is in the correct order for Neopost / Quadient and seems to work fine, set up for duplex documents but think if simplex is set in the page options the software would work out that each page is the front.

A quick thanks to:

Philippe Fontan

Thanks for the contribution Barry