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Nested groups and conditions

In PP7 can you have nested group be also affected by the condition of their parent group as well as another condition? I am attempting with conditions to add rows to a table and also at the last row have a separate table for totals. I would like to set conditions if line 3 exists then create row three of the main table (parent group) but if line 4 does not exist the create the totals table (child group).

I can upload my example if that would help. Feel like there should be an easier way to accomplish this sort of thing but my PP Design knowledge is limited.


Would definitely help if you can share your form.

I don’t seem to be able to upload so here it is on my GoogleDrive. I think it may be working as intended now. The groups being ordered as they are I think is covering up other things resulting in somewhat of my intention.

Is this proper? Any advice welcome of course if I am making this way more difficult than it needs to be!

Thanks again!

Probably somewhat obvious from the conditions but the flat file data is laid out like:

HEADER 123412341234
ITEM 1234
ITEM 1234

First…why do you have some many groups just to create a table?

Looking at your bottom table, you could just make 1 group, that result in a row and then repeat that group a fix number of time or a dynamic one based on a condition.

Then you could have another group of just 1 row which would be snapped to the previous group and conditionnal so it appears for your totals only when needed. And since it is snapped, if your table becomes dynamic in size, then the total row would move up/down.

As for you question on condition, each object inside a group can have a condition as well as the group itself. the condition on the object determine if it shows or not as the one on the group does the same thing but at the group level.

Hope that help.

Thanks hamelj, I am now combing through the resource you linked, seems to be exactly what I had envisioned but was not sure how to accomplish such a thing! Are there any example of this in action to be downloaded by chance?

Thanks again!

example.zip (16.5 KB)

Simply rename the ZIP file to .PP7

That is extremely helpful thank you again! I did get the &current.line variable working for me to select data. I will play with this repeat setup now and see what I can come up with!

Thanks again

When using Line Repeat and setting the To Line to 20 for example and then setting a condition similar to your example for the Totals group it puts the Totals what would be 20 lines away regardless of the actual line count. Do I need to be using a line count variable or something to determine the To Line value on the Repeat to get it to only iterate the number of lines present?

I’ve updated my example if that would help clarify. Think I am on the right track now (I hope!) thanks to your guidance!

I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website.

A technician will look into it and guide you to a solution.

I suggest you put in representative data (if your data can be of more than 1 page, add one like this).
Also know what is the maximum number of “ITEM” line can exist in a single data page.

That might change the approach taken to produce what you want.