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Nesting COTG widgets

Is it possible to nest COTG widgets inside a table?

For instance, using the Time Sheet COTG template in Connect Designer, if I nest a table in a td isnide the table id=“worksheet_table” , then the ADD and DELETE buttons no longer work as expected.

The DELETE button completely removes the whole row even if there is no data in the table. The ADD button adds a new row but copies the previous row completely inside the first cell of the new row, the other cells of this new row are left empty.

How can I nest COTG widgets and still use the ADD and DELETE button to add\delete nested and parent rows?
Could you please provide a demo of how to achieve this. We just purchased COTG and 50 user licenses and are struggling to get this working to publish the first project. This will welp with the COVID-19 testing.

Thank you for your help.