Network path when using dynamic background

Hi - I am using a dynamic background to choose one of 10 pdf’s. I have everything working just fine if I want have the pdf’s in a folder on my c drive. However I want to change the location to another network/server but can’t seem to get the path right. Currently it is looking in here:

result = “C:/Users/loon/Documents/ConnectDesigner_Work/IRASelectSignature/PDFs/”

I need it to look here: result = “//magnolia/jobs/OL-Connect/OL-IRASelectSignature/PDFs”

I have tried changing the slashes in all different directions. Adding three and four slashes in the beginning. Can anyone help with the syntax?

Thank you.

Not sure why this fails, a network path that starts with two slashes does seem to work for me:


Perhaps it’s not the syntax, but something else that prevents it from working. You could also try:


Note that I added a slash at the end, it was missing in your sample code.

Do remember to be careful with using forward slashes (/) because there might be plugins that do not support this. For example the “Load External File” plugin does not accept this.