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New Font Install problem

Is there anything special you have to do when you install a new font on a server running connect? I’ve got a template which needed a new font so I’ve installed it and it I can select it etc in the template and if I proof print it’s fine, but if I print it comes outs in times new roman instead of the new font?

Would raise with support but waiting for a response as they’ve set us up on this new ticketing system but when I try and raise a ticket there’s no options in the drop down box!


Due to the way the Windows operating system handles fonts with regards to services, you may have to reboot the computer in order for newly installed fonts to be available.

Alos, when you install Windows font, make sure you install them for all users (when you right -click a font about to be installed, it is one of the option).


Yeah I did install for all users and a reboot but still not picking it up. We also have server extensions, do the fonts need to be installed on these too?



You can put the font file, directly into the designer - then you dont need to worry about installing it on all the Machines etc:




Thanks for this I didn’t know that.

However I use this font in about 5 templates though so need to go through and add to all of them. I understand this will fix the issue but I shouldn’t have to be embedding font’s in all templates so ideally would like to understand why it’s not working without having to do this


I never had to use extension servers but it stands to reason that they would also need that font being installed as their purposes is to run jobs in paralel to the main server.

Remeber to install it for all users as well as rebooting them.