New release: OL Connect Automate 0.9.13 🚀

We are excited to announce the latest release of our OL Connect Automate nodes, version 0.9.13. Here’s what’s new and improved:

Improvements :raised_hands:

  • Parameters Control: The properties dialog for Data Mapping, Document Mapping, Paginated Content, Paginated Job, and All In One nodes now includes a Parameters control for easy runtime parameter setup via the User Interface.
  • Paginated Job node : You can now specify the msg property holding the Job ID or an array of Job IDs, simplifying flows used for commingling.
  • Flow Importer: A new “Select All” nodes option makes it easier to set the OL Connect Configuration nodes for all related nodes when importing a flow.
  • Installer Update: The installer now includes the recently released Node-RED 4.0.


Important Bug Fixes :bug:

  • OriginalFilename availability: The is now available in the data mapping configuration.
  • Preview Image Node: Fixed an issue where run parameters were missing when processing a Data Set ID or Data Record ID.

Updating and installing nodes

To update or install nodes, simply access the Palette Manager within the Node-RED editor. From there, you can check for updates and apply them accordingly. This interface also facilitates the installation of new nodes.

For new comers to OL Connect Automate, utilize the Windows installer available on OL Resource Center: (

This installer streamlines the process by automatically installing necessary components and the latest collection of OL Connect Automate nodes.

A word of caution

The packages are part of the OL Connect Automate stack. It is intended for use by current users of OL Connect who want to experiment with automating server operations through Node-RED. The OL Connect Automate stack is a technology preview .


At this early stage, the OL Connect Automate stack is not supported through the OL Care program. Feel free to visit this forum to post questions, comments and suggestions.