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No workflow instance found

Just upgraded our instance of pres connect and workflow and now when I try and send a template to wokflow i get an error saying no workflow instance found. I’ve raised a ticket with support but thought I’d raise on here in case anyone looks over the weekend and may have any idea

Sounds like the Messenger service is not running. Perhaps a reboot was required?


Yeah Phil looks like it hadn’t installed when we did the upgrade. Did a new install and it’s now working


Hi Phil,

Im getting same issue:

  • Running Designer on my local machine
  • Connect server is on remote server
  • Checked both machine has Messenger Service and they are running.
  • Can ping the remote server
  • Coworker has no issue sending to Workflow

Anything else I should be trying?


Restarted Remote Server Workflow and Messenger services. It started showing up again in my designer.


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Just an update to this.

Its correct that this gets fixed whenever I restart Workflow/Messenger services on the Remote Workflow server.

But it keeps disappearing on me whenever I restart my local pc. I dont want to keep restarting the service on the server for this to be fixed.

Is there a way to fix this somehow, it keeps happening and I keep losing connection to workflow.