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NodeJS LDAP Login screen

I am trying to modify the defult nodejs ldap login screen available here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Objectif Lune\ppnode\src\html
I couldn’t find where the error messages are set in the login.ejs and \js\script.js files

The error message I am referring to is the “Authentication Required” message that appears at the bottom of the login area. Where is it set? Can I change the language depending on the information in the url?

In addition, is there anyway to present a cleaner url to the user when they land onto this page? At the moment I get the following url:
How and where can I change that?

Is there a better way to create this login screen which still uses the Workflow LDAP authentication without editing the workflow source installation files as I guess i wll need to port the chnages manually when I upgrade to the next version of Workflow?

I have a custom login screen created in html and bootstrap, I dont know how to take advantage of the workflow nodejs ldap login feature which will return a session cookie that can be used throughout the duration of the session without having to login each time a new ajax request is made.

  • Messages are found in constants/messages.js
  • Messages cannot be translated currently, unless you implement your own translation scheme
  • URLs cannot be changed easily. You could create redirects, but that would imply major changes to the main routine of the NodeJS server. If you want to tackle it, there are plenty of tutorials on the web, but note that our Support team will not be able to help you if anything goes wrong.
  • Anything you edit in the NodeJS server is likely to get overwritten after an update. Make backups.
  • The default session cookie lasts for one hour. You can change the behavior by modifying the DEFAULT_SESSION_TTL constant in constants/default.js. Setting it to 0 means the session lasts as long as the client browser remains open.