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NodeJS random 500 errors

Hi everyone,

Recently I made a new workflow configuration that is now in testing. The input is through NodeJS, and it keeps receiving post requests with content type application/json, json object body. Inside the process there are some checks and then an all-in-4 generating the pdf that needs to be sent back as reponse. Everything works as intended, but as I started stress testing, I noticed something weird:
at a certain point, planet press starts rejecting requests without any reason, sending instant response with 500 Internal Server Error message. This happens usually after is processes around 80-90 orders (each requests contains only one record producing one pdf that is usually 1-2 pages max.).
I tried looking in the logs but I couldn’t find anything about it, not even in ppNode or ppw logs. What is even weirder, if I rerun the same json file later, it generates the pdf without any problem, so the files are ok.
Does anyone know what the problem can be? Are there any settings anywhere that somehow limit the number of requests allowed in a certain time-frame?
Any help would be appreciated!

Kind regards,

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Hi Cristian,
We have a similar problem.
TLDR: Without a solution yet.
The problem it’s very similar. NodeJS input with an all-in-one action and pdf return as response.
There is a certain number of requests in a time window that “broke pp workflow”.
The pp workflow keeps receiving input requests, but are not processeded. They are kept in the working directory of workflow:
C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\nodeJS\<process_name>
and the input files are not processed and it’s required to stop the service and clean the working directories to recover the workflow service.
What we have tried is adjunsting the timeout parameter in the preferences of the nodeJS input (Plug-ins sub menu). But this has no effect.
Our current work-around is the following: the pdf are generated and stored. Before the document being requested. The generation on the fly produces this weird crash, no errors, no log message, the nodeJS server stops resolving the input requests.

Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, the workaround you are using would not work for us, as we generate the pdfs based on the data we receive in the requests.
I just hope that someone from Objectif Lune will look into it as apparently is a problem more people have.