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NodeJS Server Input - A call to an OS function failed

I am posting a basic form using the NodeJS Input server but I get the below error:
I don’t get a similar error with the HTTP Server Input

I do need to use the NodeJS Server Input though to take advantage of the inbuilt LDAP authentication.

Could you give me a pointer as to what I could be doing wrong?
My form is using some elements of capture of the go because its simpler to design, but in reality it will just be a web form without the use of the capture on the go app.

Process1 (thread id: 6564) - 15:48:22
15:48:22.216 [0001] Starting plugin NodeJS Server Input - 15:48:22
15:48:22.216 [0001] First execution: processing file.
15:48:22.216 [0001] Actions: ccm
15:48:22.217 [0001] 1 file(s) in the list
15:48:22.244 [0001] W3082 : Error while opening the request file
15:48:22.245 [0001] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: A call to an OS function failed
15:48:22.245 [0001] Process finished with error.
15:48:22.245 [0001] Error response:
15:48:22.245 [0001] Parsed error reponse:
15:48:22.245 [0001] Creating error file.
15:48:22.246 [0001] Generating response file.
15:48:22.270 [0001] Mime Type: Auto-Detect
15:48:22.270 [0001] Parsed Mime Type: Auto-Detect
15:48:22.279 [0001] NodeJS Server Input: W1603 : Plugin failed - 15:48:22 (elapsed time: 00:00:00:063)
15:48:22.279 [0001] W1602 : Stopping execution of process
Process1 (thread id: 6564) complete - 15:48:22 (elapsed time: 00:00:00:063)

I just realized that this post has gone unanswered.
Not sure I can help you out, but first things first: have you tried to do the same thing, but without activating the LDAP authentication? In other words, does the issue occur only when authentication is turned on?