NodeJS Server Input - A call to an OS function failed

I am posting a basic form using the NodeJS Input server but I get the below error:
I don’t get a similar error with the HTTP Server Input

I do need to use the NodeJS Server Input though to take advantage of the inbuilt LDAP authentication.

Could you give me a pointer as to what I could be doing wrong?
My form is using some elements of capture of the go because its simpler to design, but in reality it will just be a web form without the use of the capture on the go app.

Process1 (thread id: 6564) - 15:48:22
15:48:22.216 [0001] Starting plugin NodeJS Server Input - 15:48:22
15:48:22.216 [0001] First execution: processing file.
15:48:22.216 [0001] Actions: ccm
15:48:22.217 [0001] 1 file(s) in the list
15:48:22.244 [0001] W3082 : Error while opening the request file
15:48:22.245 [0001] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: A call to an OS function failed
15:48:22.245 [0001] Process finished with error.
15:48:22.245 [0001] Error response:
15:48:22.245 [0001] Parsed error reponse:
15:48:22.245 [0001] Creating error file.
15:48:22.246 [0001] Generating response file.
15:48:22.270 [0001] Mime Type: Auto-Detect
15:48:22.270 [0001] Parsed Mime Type: Auto-Detect
15:48:22.279 [0001] NodeJS Server Input: W1603 : Plugin failed - 15:48:22 (elapsed time: 00:00:00:063)
15:48:22.279 [0001] W1602 : Stopping execution of process
Process1 (thread id: 6564) complete - 15:48:22 (elapsed time: 00:00:00:063)

I just realized that this post has gone unanswered.
Not sure I can help you out, but first things first: have you tried to do the same thing, but without activating the LDAP authentication? In other words, does the issue occur only when authentication is turned on?

Thank you Phil. It seemed to have been caused by a syntax error in the HTML which was then producing an erroneous req file. NodeJS was somehow trying to process the req file, logging a confusing error message. I wish it was a bit clearer what the message was.
You should be able to reproduce the issue with any html which contains invalid syntax.
I ended up using an online html validator tool to get to the bottom of the issue.

Notice how the id and class attributes are incorrectly set in the code below:

<table id="Prod class=" table-no-style"="" data-column-resize=""  cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style=" width: 100%;">

Yep, no wonder the server was confused with that type of syntax! But you’re right: the error message is useless. I will have our team look at that, I think some kind of message along the lines of “Unable to parse file” would have been a bit more helpful.

However, could you just explain a little more how that HTML was “producing an erroneous req file”? Is it because that <table> element was nested inside the <form> element which triggers the “ccm” process?

yes the table is nested inside the form. I am not sure where the syntax error came from. I am yet to confirm the behaviour but it seems switchingg between source code and live views adds some unwanted attributes, classes to the html in Connect Designer. In other words, at times I find that the html code has changed. I am not quite sure why this is the case, perhaps i am simply not using the software correctly. I will attempt to replicate the issue again.

I’ve seen this happen if you edit a tag and, for example, miss a closing quote on an attribute. When you switch to the design view, it tries to correct the tag and gets itself all muddled up.

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I’m getting this : A call to an OS function failed quite often when copying files: Any ideas?

: File move failed : E:\PReS Configs\Inputs\2D_Creator_V5\ToSend[]( | W3011 : Input folder error: A call to an OS function failed | 1: ERROR HERE | Folder Capture: W1603 : Plugin failed - 21:10:15

Same, getting these errors here as well.
ERROR: 10:28:30.033 [0001] W3011 : Input folder error: A call to an OS function failed
Just updated to 2023.1