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Nodejs Server Input handling multiselect values

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a workflow that takes the input from a web page.

One of the form inputs I’m trying to process is a multi select where I don’t know the quantity of the select options as they are dependent on what the user will select at the time of submission.

I’ve tried setting the name value on the select as name="addressLine[] but this give me an error

16:37:11.556 [0003] W3000 : Error parsing: Error resolving data selection: The file is not an XML file or is corrupt (Reason: Tag expected)

if I set the name value as name="addressLine[0][] I get no errors but I can’t access the submitted values from the xml in the workflow.

I’m trying to access these values in a Set Job infos and Variables task with


But it’s not setting any value into the local variable.

[0007] Value: xmlget(’/request[1]/values[1]/addressLine[0][1]’,Value,KeepCase,NoTrim)
[0007] JobInfo/Variable %{address1} is set to “”


How about your try with a normal name, not [] (array) like and see what comes down when multiple values are selected?

Then you can investigate further.

Hi there,

Okay that seems to work but seems to go against what I know of html multiselects.