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NodeJS server input ldap

Hi all,
We are currently migrating to the NodeJS server input from the http-server-input.

In the docs i see that i can configure ldap for authentication. This requires the user to enter credentials in a popup.

We have a dashboard built as a separate app, in that java springboot client we are executing several calls to connect for different purposes. Currently this is with basic authentication.

I’m curious if it is possible to send credentials to the nodejs server input so that the popup will not be shown. Can’t find anything on this topic on the forum or in the docs.

Thx, Ted van Roon

I don’t believe that’s possible. The NodeJS Server authentication was designed specifically for interactive processes, not for automated ones.

For your dashboard, you could implement your own Application Key system where you would store unique Application Keys in the Workflow Repository and check that this key is passed by your dashboard application with each request. This would allow you to segregate which applications are allowed to access which processes, without having to manage users/passwords.