Nodes not visible in Designer

I have installed the modules via the NPM code provided, I see a folder has been created but they are not showing up in the Pallette. Not sure if there are more steps that I am missing.


Hi Dan,

I assume you installed Node-RED manually or are running it using a Docker Container. In that case you could install the OL Connect nodes from within Node-RED, use the following steps:

  1. Choose Manage Palette from the Node-RED menu in the upper right corner of the NR web interface (the three horizontal stripes)
  2. Select the Install tab
  3. Enter: @objectif-lune to filter the list.The “@objectif-lune/node-red-contrib-connect” entry should appear
  4. Click Install

I hope this works for you.


What solved it was running the install script with the shell while in the .node-red directory.

That makes sense too :wink:

Working with your samples now, I have the first one setup but I am getting a time getting the preview PDF. I am running connect server on another machine and they seem to be connected. How can I test the Connect Server file that I stored to make sure that part works before I look at Node Red as the issue.

When getting a time out I expect that the Node-RED instance is not able to connect to the box running OL Connect. What is the exact message shown in the Node-RED debug panel?

If I watch the console window on my Node Red machine when I initiate with Http://IPADDRESS:1880/travel,
It reads this right away.
[Info] [olcnr-preview-pdf:39206e2f1b157e7] [preview PDF data travel. ] 2202400009 post http://ConnectServerIP:9340/rest/serverengine/workflow/contentcreation/pdfpreview/travel.OL-template application/json;

Then this after a few minutes.
[error] [olcnr-preview-pdf:39206e2f1b157e7]] timeout.

Could you run a quick test using your browser to see if the box is reachable? Entering the following URL should show a login dialog:

Looks like I have a network issue, The URL responds correctly from the machine running Connect Server but not from another device. Must be a port issue or something, I will resolve that before going any further. Thanks.

Thanks for the headsup.