Npm install failed

I am currently working on a personnal project where I will attempt to setup a NodeRED configuration to reproduce our current Connect Workflow one.

I have downloaded OL Connect Node-RED Stack.exe and followed the OLC_Node-RED_Stack_0-9-0_Installation-Guide.pdf

I ran the exe as an Administrator. Below are the option I have checked/filled:

  • Start Node-RED at system startup
  • User Account (tried it with both a full admin and standard user)
  • Entered/tested my Connect Server URL

Problem is I keep getting the same error:

I do have internet connexion on that VM but keep getting the same error. I opened a CMD console and tried NPM directly in it but get the following error:

‘npm’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Have I missed a step? I though that NPM would be installed at the same time as the NodeJS provided by the OL Connect Node-RED Stack.exe.

Any help will be appreciated.

You could try following the instructions on Downloading and installing Node.js and npm | npm Docs (

Once Node and NPM are installed, you can use the Palette module in Node-RED to download and install the OL Connect Nodes.

I have used your method and finally made it work (a little more complicated than running an install package :wink: ).

I did run into another issue npm ERR! code SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN
and found out that by entering the following, it fixed it:
npm set strict-ssl false

Now I am not sure what all of this does and what was fixed but I share it so if anyone get the same problem, it will save them some time.