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Numbering for QR Code

Hi I have a problem I’m trying to solve with Planet Press. We are running 7 elections at the moment, this year they have introduced ipads to scan QR codes on ballot papers. There are different ranges of numbers applied to ballot box numbers something like -
Ballot Box - 1 Number range - 20001 - 21900
Ballot Box - 2 Number range - 21901 - 23600
These files are supplied in csv format there are over 150 ballot box numbers all equating to different number ranges. They cant produce the actual numbers in the extract file from their system, is there any way of automating this in Planet Press I’m trying to avoid having to create a number range file for each row. If you were to loop through the numbers sequentially how would get the correct range to match the correct ballot box number? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

Please provide a sample CSV file, as I’m not quite sure I understand your question.

In the Data Mapper, you have access to the “record.index” value. This is the current record number. Seems like you could use this along with some Javascript to see if the record.index falls into a certain range, and compute/generate a Field value to use in your QR code.

Thanks very much I’ll test that.