Official Release date

What’s the official release date for the Product?
We are somewhat in a difficult state, we don’t want to invest efforts in the Workflow tool and are now using Node Red for all our new projects. We are also looking at transforming all our workflows to Node Red. We are at at point where we need to know how commited Upland is to this new product and expected release date.


We are committed to it, but there is no official release date yet.

Is Ol Connect Automate production ready?

Let say if I was to start using/learning and start converting our workflows to OL Connect Automate now, and once its released there will be very little overheads or worse case suddenly make the current setup obsolete etc.

We are almost to a point Workflow isnt up to the task especially running big jobs 100K+ records with complex requirements (reporting, production, data manipulation and many more!)

All pre-releases of Automate so far have been QA’ed, so yes, it is ready to be put through its paces. We already have some partners and customers using it in production environments.

However, please note that it is not yet officially supported, simply because all our staff has not yet been fully trained on it. Also, it is not, at this stage, a full-fledged replacement for Workflow: there are still some operations that Automate cannot yet perform, but all OL Connect-related ones can.

We are more than ever committed to making Automate the next generation of our workflow engine. I strongly encourage you to start learning about it and possibly start transfering some of your processes over from Workflow. Start with the less critical ones, if only to learn how it works and how it differs from Workflow.

All this coming from one of the creators of the original Workflow tool. So that should tell you something… :wink:

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Thanks Phil, for someone like myself starting out. Is there any documentation/tutorials(OL Connect Automate) you can direct me to?

I understand Node-Red itself isnt Objectiflune software and I can just google online.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Edanting,

I would start with the information found on This explains several basic concepts like the Debug, Inject, Change, Switch, HTTP Request. Other great content is found here:

We’ve added some sample OL Connect related flows to our nodes. These you can import from the Node-RED menu (hamburger icon in the upper right corner).

  1. Choose: Node-RED menu > Import > Examples: browse the @objectif-lune/node-red-contrib-connect package. (see the image below)
  2. Select an example and click Import.

Each sample comes with a description and provides links to downloadable resources.

We are extending our examples with every release (for example planning for commingling samples).

Hope this helps,