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OL Connect license installation

Hi. I’m trying to install OL Connect into a VirtualBoxVM running windows 7. I have a Magic Number which I can regenerate easily after several reboots. However when I try to install my license, the magic number changes exactly when I click on the install/load license button and then I get a message saying my magic number is incorrect and I cannot progress.

I’m unsure why this is happening, and I’m sure someone will suggest I use a different VM engine, but I’ve never had any other problems like this, so I’d like to persist a while longer.

Is there a way to manually install my OL Connect license without OL Connect actually running?


Hello Ron,

PlanetPress Connect is not supported under VirtualBox. The only supported virtual environment is VMWare. This is why the magic number changes - because there is no special case in the software for handling how VirtualBox simulates virtual hardware.

You’ll have to use VMWare for your purposes.

Thank you