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OL Create Output Task Errors

Used the Job Creation wizard in Connect Designer

  • Runtime Parameters
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Include meta data

Sent preset to Workflow

Added Create Job task to workflow

When I select the Job Preset File

Crash Dump - Current Configuration* - PReS Workflow Configuration - Exception occurred on 2022/06/10 13:29:00

PReS Workflow Version 2020.2.0.2360

Error message: Exception EAccessViolation in module ActionCreateJob.dll at 000D46C5.
Access violation at address 096A56C5 in module ‘ActionCreateJob.dll’. Read of address 00000000.

ExceptAddr: 096A56C5
hInstance: 00400000
VirtAddress: 092A46C5
Line: 0
Call Stack:
[096A56C5]{ActionCreateJob.dll} DllUnregisterServer + $D1679
[40005C67]{rtl60.bpl } System.@HandleAnyException + $33

Press OK

Configure Runtime Parameter and close properties.

If I re-open the task properties

But the Task runs as expected and does not error!

Hi @Joanne,

Can you let uw know please if the reported incident does still occur after executing the following steps?

  1. Hold down the CTRL + SHIFT keys and click on the PReS Workflow Configuration icon to launch the application.
  2. Keep holding down the CTRL + SHIFT keys until the PReS Workflow Configuration application has been opened.

(Sorry for the delay, I was away on holiday)

I get the same errors after launching the PReS Workflow Configuration with ctrl+shift

Looks like your workflow configuration file is corrupted. Do you have a backup of a previous version that doesn’t have that problem?

I have narrowed it down to the use of a Run Time parameter

If the Job Creation preset has a run time parameter, the workflow configuration program will error, even if the run time parameter option is subsequently de-selected.

I have attached two presets, the only difference is the presence of an unused run time parameter. The DEV_TEST preset causes the error, the DEV_TEST_NoParam does not.

DEV_TEST.OL-jobpreset (4.0 KB) DEV_TEST_NoParam.OL-jobpreset (4.0 KB)